Father, Caregiver, Babysitter

Babysitting!! So much fun! Greg and Megan were gone Friday morning till Saturday evening to Kansas City for her work, and we went to babysit with Oskar. It went really well. We all had a good time, and it was hard to tell who was more tired this morning, Oskar or us. He was happy to see his mommy and daddy last night, but had never fussed for us a bit. I just needed to get his food to him quickly enough when he got into his high chair 🙂

Just a couple of weeks ago we got to stay with Bria and Emmy while Kelli and Jon were in Iowa City for her surgery. Also a wonderful experience, though completely different. We got them to and from school, to a library activity, and Grandpa Jon and Daddy Jon took Bria to her very first art showing in a gallery in Davenport! How exciting for her!!!

It’s soon time to have Tre and Tru overnight again…it’s been a while. They were here last Saturday and just hung out, played computer, and played with the remote control truck while Jon, Tabbi, and I reorganized the basement. It’s always fun to have them here!

It’s hard to imagine sometimes that our “little girls” are now mommies, but it is SUCH a blessing to watch. We are so thankful to be a part of all three girls’ lives. Megan just had a birthday and we have several others coming soon, so we’re hoping to get everyone together for a meal maybe in Des Moines….still in the works.

Thought for the day

God is my Father (Caregiver, Babysitter), and He is the best. Trust me, He has His hands full. What I am most keenly aware of is that His mercies are new every morning. I am awed by His grace, provision, protection, and presence in our lives. We could go day to day, week to week, year to year without realizing how He has had His hand in our lives. I never want to do that. I don’t know that I ever go on even a short road trip without realizing and appreciating that I returned home safely and that it could have been very different. It’s the same with the kids and with Jon at work. Every time they arrive safely I remember that God’s hand was in it. It’s not something I’ve trained myself to do, it is just there. I am so grateful. I want that to spread to every area of my life. I want to never take anything for granted, but receive EVERYTHING, moment by moment, from His hand of mercy and grace. You are my Father and the Caregiver in every aspect of my life, and I want to realize that more and more each day. Give me that kind of heart, Lord, in all things.

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