One Week To Go

Christmas is one week away. We are getting closer to being ready. Tabbi took over pretzel detail, and today I wrapped most of the gifts…waiting for one more mail delivery to finish up. I’ve gotten the peanut blossoms and cinnamon rolls done, so most of everything else will have to wait.

It’s been a little tougher getting ready this year. We are still trying to recover our energy since Mom’s funeral. The fatigue didn’t hit me till about a week later, and now I’m starting to function better again. We’ve had a few other bumps in the road to deal with the last week. One night just as we were getting ready to go to bed we discovered the floor in the middle room of the basement was wet, and there was water coming in the window of the computer room, as well. Our new roof, the 45-year one, was leaking less than a year after being completed. We still don’t know the measures taken solved the problem…we won’t know till we have another rain or melting snow on the roof. Two nights later we found that our furnace had stopped working. Fortunately, that was fixed the next morning…needed a new ignitor. Tonight Jon’s dad was taken to the ER with a TIA and severe bladder infection.

In better news, Oskar had tubes put in his ears on Tuesday and got along great. It seems he already feels and hears better. So thankful for that.

Thought for the day

Life is fragile. We’ve become keenly aware how quickly and drastically life can change. We value those we love highly, and want them each to know it. We want to never miss an opportunity to tell them and show them that we love them. At the same time, we place them in God’s hands for His purposes and will to be worked out in them for their good and His glory. Jesus, we trust You and love you above all.

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