Yep, that’s what I said!  Megan and Greg are expecting twins in March!  It all seems quite unreal, and everyone in the family is very excited.  There is quite the debate between Bria and Emmy and Tre and Tru as to whether they will be boys or girls or one of each!  They all want to be in the majority between boys and girls when the final count is in.  Oskar is quite pleased that there are two babies in Mommy’s belly and has learned their temporary names very well.  Not sure if I have permission to share those, however.  🙂  At this point he quite sure they are boys…we shall see!

As for Jon and I, we are just thrilled and delighted whatever the combination, of course.  We are praying often for healthy babies and mommy, and we appreciate your prayers as well!  Also, we would love to hear your best tips if you’re experienced in twins because this is all new to all of us. Hopefully, we can be a help and not just be in the way.  I’d appreciate tips on how to do that well, also.

Today football season started for the Melby household.  First games were in Arlington, NE and we rode out there on the motorcycle.  It was beautiful day, and both the boys won their game!  All the fresh air makes me feel like I could sleep for a week, but I don’t suppose that can happen…:)

School started this week for both the Holthe’s and the Melby’s, and everyone seems to be off to a great start.  Emmy especially is excited with how things have started out!  The only hiccup so far is commemorated with a bruise on Bria’s hip, but she’s a tough kid…she can handle it!  🙂

Stay tuned for further updates and check out the Devotions 1-10 page when you have time. Blessings to all!

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