Who’s Hungry??

I love baking cookies.  Oatmeal chocolate chip to be exact.  It’s a recipe from my Aunt Rhoda and has been a food group all its own in our family.  Once when my nephew was a little boy and at our house I asked him if he wanted a cookie.

He replied, “What kind of cookie?”

“Chocolate chip!” I answered, since that is the only kind of cookie there really is.

“What kind of chocolate chip?” was his immediate comeback.  He was already wise beyond his years.  He knew there was only one kind of chocolate chip cookie really worth eating.  And I’m happy to say I did not disappoint!

I know this recipe by heart, but occasionally I have messed it up, especially when there are other people around and I get distracted.  There are two different ingredients that I have left out at different times…vanilla and salt.  Now when I think of cookies I don’t think of them as salty, but it seems to me that vanilla would be a vitally necessary ingredient!  So, so wrong!  When I have left out vanilla the taste is altered very little, and no one would ever know I messed up.  However, only one time have I ever left out the salt!  The entire batch had to be thrown out.  They were completely horrible!!

I was so surprised because, again, when I think of ingredients that go into cookies, vanilla goes along with the others much more than salt.  That reminds me that God calls us the salt of the world.  Do we fit in?  Not really.  Are we on the most popular list of what makes this world interesting or exciting?  Not so much.

However, God sees us as absolutely essential to the world even now in its fallen state.  The world will never recognize our worth, but God knows that we offer a flavor without which the world would be an intolerable place.

I don’t know about you, but that really encourages me.  The world doesn’t have to understand our worth or realize what we offer.  We make a real difference just by being in the mix as we love and pursue God letting His life flow through ours!

4 thoughts on “Who’s Hungry??

  1. NUMMY!! I need to make more this week – we've been out for three days! The people in my house are about to throw me overboard! It's just too hot to have that darn oven on…


  2. Awesome reminder and encouragement “to be in the world but not of the world”. P.S. Don't forget to add your world famous (at least in our world)lemonade!


  3. Jon also said I should have a glass of lemonade next to the cookies…:) So sorry we missed out on seeing you, Joy, the other weekend! Hope your time here was fun! Talk to you soon. Thanks for visiting here!


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