Some people call it retirement, but that’s not how I look at this change in my life.  I have quit working at Nelson Farm Supply after 17 years; my last day was December 7.  I quit just in time to travel to Muscatine on December 9 to see Emmy in her Christmas program then get back home and prepare for our family Christmas on Saturday, December 14.

This week I have had some time to get a little perspective.  I’m ready to change course, to redirect my life and my time.  I’m very excited that Jon will be done working also this month.  His last official day is December 25, but his last day of reporting to work will be December 23.  He will be taking a little time to let his shoulder heal from a fall he took about 3 weeks ago…progress is slow. After that he will be working for Brad and is on a list of people that can be called away to storm areas to assess the damage that needs to be fixed.  And, of course, he will enjoy working in his wood shop!

We will, obviously, be busy grandparents.  With Megan’s twins coming in the spring, programs, concerts, ball games, and hanging out our lives will be full of smiles and miles.  My free time is less defined than Jon’s.  I’m looking forward to learning a couple of new things and picking up some old interests.  I want to write more and take lots of pictures.  What I will be avoiding is a schedule so that I can stay free to take care of kids or meet needs as they arise.

I am blessed beyond words and look forward to what God has in store for me as I walk with Him day by day.  I know intercession will be foremost; there are so many needs to pray for.  I’m always happy to receive prayer requests and am thrilled to have more freedom to spend time praying without so many distractions.

Redirection describes the focus of the hours of my day…now freer to focus on hearing God’s voice and seeing His hand, thanking Him for His constant gifts of grace.  Our lives are filled with wonder and grace and awe because of who He is and all He has created around us and in us.  I pray your heart will overflow as you celebrate Christmas this year, having moments filled with the quiet expectation of His arrival in you and your family and your home.  We are blessed!

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