Our hearts get tired.  The world spins, life rushes, and we sometimes don’t know how we will keep up.  We want to slow everything down just long enough to get caught up on rest so that we can carry on.  If by some happy circumstance we actually feel like we’re not running behind, it’s not long before something changes and we’re trying to keep our heads above water again.

Our western culture drives us to always set our sights on that which is just out of our reach.  We feel we must make more money, our kids must succeed in their endeavors, our lifestyle must meet or surpass that of others, and we must personally measure up to the standards that our society keeps setting higher and higher.

There is very little hope to nourish our hearts in a life lived this way.  There is plenty of pressure, striving, comparison, and envy.  We find it hard to rejoice in the joy of others because we wish the joy was ours.  We pass judgment by way of social media and self-promotion.  We make sure no one knows who we are in our weakest moments, and find that we aren’t even honest with ourselves.

This was never God’s plan for us.  The beginning of healing and hope lies in admitting our helplessness.  Life is overwhelming, and we need help to live it well.  When we recognize our own sin and the darkness that lies in our hearts, it becomes possible to seek God’s grace which is His life given to meet each need in our lives.

When we depend on His strength rather than our own, we have tapped into an endless supply and mercies that are new every morning.  That frees us to leave the past in the past, to accept His forgiveness and love, and to forgive the wrongs done to us.  We no longer need to keep a running tally of the hurts or pressures in our lives because each day His grace and mercy are renewed.  He never gives up on us and says, “No more.  I’ve done enough.  Now you’re on your own.”  He sees us with eyes of compassion and patience, fully willing to supply His life to the repentant, obedient heart.

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We can learn to respond to God’s rhythms in our lives rather than being driven by the world and its priorities.  There’s nothing wrong with being successful or having things, but when we make these our primary goals we quickly find ourselves in the grips of comparison, envy, and ambition that has turned into compulsion.  God’s leading will guide us into balance, peace, and order in the midst of our busy days.  Our relationship with Him permeates our family, our work, our sphere of influence with a fragrance of joy, peace, and stability that speaks of Christ without a word being spoken.

Our heart will be nourished and healed only as we stop trying so hard and let ourselves sink into His arms, resting in what He has already provided and trusting in all He has promised.  He knows each detail of our lives and has promised to give us all we need if we will trust Him. Let’s dare to live full of hope and joy, knowing that He holds us in His hand.


Lamentations 3:22-25; Philippians 3:13-14; Psalm 139:17; Matthew 11:28-30;

2 Corinthians 2:14-16; Matthew 6:25-34



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