What does it mean to live out our commitment to Christ?  What does it look like to answer the call of the great commission?  I’ve heard many sermons that would give the impression that if we fully surrender our wills to the Lord He will make huge demands on us and turn our lives completely upside down.  Have you, like me, ever been afraid to tell God that you will do whatever He asks because you’re pretty sure that He will send you to Africa to live in a jungle and die trying to tell the people there about Him?


To be certain, He has indeed led some people into lives of incredible sacrifice and service.  Some have given their worldly goods, health, reputations, relationships, and even their lives to spread the Gospel in far-away lands.  Is that what He asks of you and me?

The New Testament holds many instructions for our lives, but the vast majority of them are not as grandiose as we might imagine.  There are references about being His representatives and going into the entire world, but the overwhelming emphasis is on the simpler things.  We are told to be humble, gentle, generous, and kind,  We’re supposed to avoid arguments, gossip, anger, and impurity.  It’s imperative that we be thankful, prayerful, teachable, forgiving, and patient.  Our actions should include blessing our enemies, working well, minding our own business, embracing the hurting, healing the broken, and loving the unlovely.

What He asks of us is not some grand gesture, but letting Him have His way in our common, ordinary days.  We need to stop thinking in terms of going and doing for God and realize that He wants us to stop and be.  Dying to ourselves is the true mission and purpose He desires to fulfill in us.  To live before Him allowing His Spirit and power to accomplish excellence in us moment by moment is far greater than our efforts to do God’s work.

Faithfulness in little is always required before we are given more.  We cannot do anything for the kingdom apart from first giving Him control of our daily living.  We must mind our attitudes, conversations, and interactions.  We can learn to do all things, however ordinary, as a living tribute to Him.  Going into the wide world includes our homes, workplaces, schools, and each place we find ourselves.  We just may find that we have indeed shared our faith and influenced hearts for Christ far beyond the small borders we see.  More importantly, we become a blessing and joy to God’s heart and that is our greatest commission.

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