We are so often overcome.  Our daily lives balance on a precipice of our own making, and we are just fine as long as nothing upsets that tension.  We juggle marriage, children, work, home, personal care, rest, never-ending schedules from every possible source, church, community, extended family, interests, recreation, entertainment, trying to make God the […]


“Chuck” came back last night, and tonight I got to see the new “NCIS” and “Parenthood”. Such fun!! Really have to get to bed earlier, though. Skipped swimming this morning…just could NOT get up. Thought for the day Thinking a lot about hope these last few days. As humans we have a great need for […]


We were flipping through channels on TV tonight and the History channel is showing 9/11 video from all kinds of sources. It’s very personal and chaotic and hard to watch, yet hard to look away. It’s something you want to forget but must never forget. My heart goes out to all those whose lives were […]