I have been guilty of collecting books on my Kindle, putting off reading them, and then getting sidetracked and forgetting all about them.  Lately, I found a gem just waiting for me to rediscover it, and the timing was perfect.  It’s another book by Andrew Murray (I highly recommend any book he authored!) titled “Spirit […]


I love trees.  I love the infinite variety.  I love how God made different kinds for different purposes.  Some grow fruit; others yield syrup; many provide material for homes and shelter of all kinds, and others, are perfect for treehouses and tire swings.  Some are best in the fall for their rich colors and crunchy […]

Fall is Coming

I got to go for a walk this evening. Fall is my favorite time of year and though it’s a little early for fall here, I’m beginning to see the signs. Just a few leaves here and there are beginning to turn; there is a crispness in the air these last few days. It will […]