I have been guilty of collecting books on my Kindle, putting off reading them, and then getting sidetracked and forgetting all about them.  Lately, I found a gem just waiting for me to rediscover it, and the timing was perfect.  It’s another book by Andrew Murray (I highly recommend any book he authored!) titled “Spirit […]


I was reading in Matthew today and in chapter 11 Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven forcefully advancing (NLT).  The Bible I’m using is the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible (NLT) with commentary by Jack Hayford. In his notes titled Kingdom Dynamics he says this: “Jesus defines the ‘violence’ of His Kingdom’s expansion by defining […]


I pray, Father, that all I do and say would glorify You. Set a guard, Lord, over my heart and mind and mouth in order to establish Your kingdom rule in every exchange, both incoming and outgoing. Make me sensitive to what offends Your Spirit and avoid it at all cost. Help me to see […]