I pray, Father, that all I do and say would
glorify You.
Set a guard, Lord, over my heart and mind and mouth
in order to establish Your kingdom rule in every exchange,
both incoming and outgoing.
Make me sensitive to what offends Your Spirit
and avoid it at all cost.
Help me to see the boundaries You have set for me
to guard against defilement of Your dwelling place
in me and in Your church as a whole.
You have set me apart; You have set Your people apart,
not to be unapproachable or withdrawn from the world,
but to offer a fragrance and light and hope in the darkest of places.
Help me fill my part in Your purpose.
There is a power, My child, in each one that belongs to Me.  That power is not a ramped up version of your best intents and abilities.  That power is a person, the Holy Spirit, who has taken up residence in you.  He is Me.  He is not some nice influence or better part of your personality.  He is not the sum of the strengths you may try to rally while you resist the pull of temptations that have mastered you in the past.  He is Me.
You intend for Me to have rule over your life; you want Me to do My will.  But you find yourself caught up in things that should have no place in your life and leave you feeling like you have wasted time and energy on what is worthless.  This is the sad state of many of My people living in defeat and not understanding how they got there.
I live in you.  I LIVE in you.  I live IN you.  I live in YOU.  Let My truth sink deep into your heart.  You will live in defeat until you understand that your life ended at the cross, was buried, and is raised to a new life, My life in you.  I am a part of every breath you take and every moment you live.  Live out from My life in THIS moment.  Do it again in THIS moment.  Allow into your heart and mind and life only what I bring you in THIS moment.  Give the world its walking papers.  It has no place in you.  When you take in the good things that I have for you, you will have no appetite for the refuse the world offers.  Focus on the intake and what you are feeding on.  The outflow will reflect and be in character with what you have taken in.  When you feed on Me and My goodness, love will flow out and express itself according to the opportunity I place before you.  Again you will depend on Me in THIS moment to show My love, make a choice, offer a cup of cold water, be broken bread or poured out wine to someone else.  I do not separate you from the world; I transform the world where you are standing into My kingdom in THIS moment.  Do not look for the over-arching purpose and plan for your life.  Live by Me in THIS moment.  ALWAYS.
Romans 7:14-25; Romans 8:1-17; Galatians 5:16-25; 1 John 2:15-17;
2 Corinthians 2:14-16; Colossians 3:16-17; Colossians 4:5-6; Hebrews 13:20-21

3 thoughts on “THIS MOMENT

  1. I remember you handing me typed pages of these to read. It may have been when I was pregnant with Kelsey! I remember talking about finding a way to get these published. At some point we talked about “starting a website”. I love that you did and that you still are posting. Thank you for “This Moment”. It posted as I was taking my moments this morning and became part of my worship. Bless you, Luann. Love you, my Friend.


  2. Wow, thanks, Joy! I know that your heart is always faithful to seek God in all things, and I know He is pleased and blessed in your moments. We really need to catch up!


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