Time goes by.  That prayer burden that you had for a particular person remains, but the passage of time without change has you wondering if you should let it go or keep praying.  There are many reasons why we pray for another person…maybe he or she has a health concern, a financial crisis, or a relational challenge.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what God’s will is in the situation which makes it harder to know if you are praying in the right way.  Hang in there…keep asking God to lead you and He will show you how to pray as you go.

There is a notable exception in this uncertainty.  When God puts it on your heart to pray for someone’s salvation you know for certain that you are praying in His will.  He wishes no one to perish and died for the worst of sinners.  No matter how much time goes by and how little progress you can see, you know that God’s heart has not changed.  Even if you have prayed for this person for years without result and time seems to be running out, don’t ever give up.  We have no idea what God may still do or how He may reach through to touch that person’s heart even as life comes to a close.

The fulfillment of God’s plan is never our responsibility, but participating with Him as He works through the prayers of His people is our highest privilege.  He intends great things and has partnered with His people’s prayers to reach the world.  Don’t miss out; don’t ever give up; keep on praying for His redemption to be made real in someone’s life.  Let the life of the Great Intercessor abide in and pray through you for the one or several in your life, and never, ever give up!

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