The Cemetery

I love that “America’s Got Talent” is on 2 nights in a row every week…fun way to start the week! It was not too busy at work today, and I got caught up on some extras. I’m making it my goal this week to get to bed a little earlier…which means I have to have supper ready earlier…which changes the way I cook because the grill takes longer than the stove. As a result, the chicken tonight was dried out…rats…But the veggies were good…YAY!!
Two more work days to go then it’s garage sale Saturday followed by Wiuff reunion Sunday!! It should be fun…need more sleep!

Thought for the day

I’ve been kicking around the way we go about living the life…trying to have a good attitude, trying to resist temptation…how we walk out the reality of being a “new creation”. It’s tough to get my mind around it in some ways…Why doesn’t the TRUTH of who I am come out naturally in the rough and tumble of the day and when the challenge comes? This is the picture I have…There is a cemetery full of old dead bones, and just further down the road is the LIFE that is mine in Him. At any given moment I must live that moment by choosing to stop and go into the cemetery and mess up those bones and try to dress them up, turn them over, rearrange them…or I can go on past the cemetery and continue down the road to the LIFE that is mine. In my mind the cemetery is like trying to live from the flesh…from my own strength. Living in Christ is walking on down the road to the LIFE. But the cemetery is always there…I will always have to see it, walk by it, choose not to try to find life among the dead bones. I’m not sure I can put this in words well, so let me know if this is making sense and what you think!

2 thoughts on “The Cemetery

  1. I think you put your thoughts in words quite nicely. I think the reason it just dosent come naturally, is because of that FW we all have…Free Will…God given by the way. Sounds like you will be having a fun weekend! Enjoy!


  2. Oh yeah, also if we could just do it without messing up the “bones” and passing by the cemetary, we wouldnt need GRACE or MERCY… going thru the things we do to put aside the old to pick up the new are all pleasing to our Lord when our heart motive is to please Him.


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