Garage Sale, Chapter 2

Well, tomorrow is Garage Sale, Chapter 2. We have some new things, old things, even borrowed things, perhaps a new thing! But, no, it’s not a wedding…just a garage sale. I’d tell you to come check it out, but the only people who will read this live out of town! Jon is out on call tonight and doesn’t know when he’ll be getting back. On Sunday we will be going to the Wiuff family reunion in Irwin…great fun stuff!!!

Thought for the day

It’s still there…26,500 children every day…today, tomorrow, and the day after that. I’m not trying to be a downer, but it’s just a reality that I hopefully will never forget. It just helps me keep my life in perspective. Father, meet needs through us where possible…supernaturally where not possible. Help us to see with Your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale, Chapter 2

  1. It went fine, but chapter 2 didn't quite measure up. What I had left went to the dumpster!!! What are you doing the rest of the weekend? Enjoying being home?


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