New Faces, Old Faces

Rebekka and fiance Jordan Loren and his date Parents Marcus and Chrissy Upton with Aunt Carrie holding Matthew Rachel and Elijah We had new faces and old faces at the Wiuff family reunion on Sunday. There were the two new babies that you see in the pictures and Rebekka’s fiance Jordan (getting married on Saturday!). […]

Garage Sale, Chapter 2

Well, tomorrow is Garage Sale, Chapter 2. We have some new things, old things, even borrowed things, perhaps a new thing! But, no, it’s not a wedding…just a garage sale. I’d tell you to come check it out, but the only people who will read this live out of town! Jon is out on call […]

The Cemetery

I love that “America’s Got Talent” is on 2 nights in a row every week…fun way to start the week! It was not too busy at work today, and I got caught up on some extras. I’m making it my goal this week to get to bed a little earlier…which means I have to have […]