More Construction

For all of you who drive by my house on a regular basis…yes, something is going on. The outside of our building project hasn’t changed in a while, but good things are happening inside this week. Soffit vents were installed, and today sheetrock is being put up in the ceiling of the garage/shop area. Insulation was blown in above the entryway today, and sheetrock may be hung on that ceiling, too. It’s really starting to look like a “space” out there, and there is hope again that we may start using it before TOO long. YAY!!!
We had good help today from Brad and Trever which was MUCH appreciated!!! Tomorrow I plan to go to Tre’s basketball game, but Jon is on call and will have to miss it. We got a considerable layer of snow this morning which I wasn’t really expecting so everything outside is white again.
This morning I sorted and reorganized in the computer room. Mostly, I tossed…lots of garbage for our next pick up. I’m doing laundry this afternoon and hopefully work on a couple of other projects. Better get back to it!!!

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