Christian Culture

We had a mix of weather today…light rain, temps in low 30’s, then a little warmer, and messy thawing. The rest of the week it’s supposed to be COLD. Jon has been in the house tonight since 7:30 instead of in the garage. We’re just about ready for the rest of the insulation, and then we’ll be pretty close to being able to use the garage at least enough to get in and out of the house. We can’t wait, but we will.

Thought for the day

I’ve been thinking about the way Christian culture has become so commercialized. The vast majority of us are supposed to be normal, everyday folks…working with our hands and minding our own business. We’re given spiritual gifts to be used in the service of others and the body as a whole. There should of course be some in full-time Christian work of many kinds, but I wonder if we have created a culture where the gift is turned into a marketable asset. I believe that Scripture indicates that our spiritual gift(s), given by God, are simply Jesus living through us. While He may certainly work primarily in one or two particular ways in a person’s life, He can and may work in any way He chooses at any time. So God may give an anointing for a thought or prayer perhaps put to music or turned into a book, but what does human nature do? It tries to turn it into a livelihood by marketing it. How many times have you bought a cd and one or two songs on it were powerful and the rest were fillers. A group takes center stage for a while, then fades just as quickly into obscurity. A writer puts out a book that helps many people, then is obliged to put out a book every year whether it’s good or not. I’m not throwing stones, I just wonder if we’re looking at things backwards. Maybe it’s just me….

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