Bike Ride

Yesterday (Saturday) we went for a motorcycle ride with Jim and Janet Myler.  It was supposed to be a really hot day, but we met in Portsmouth at 1:00 and it was cloudy and about 81.  We rode north to Dow City, got sprinkled on, went on to Pisgah, still cloudy.  The temp actually dropped a little through the afternoon and was never over 81 again.  It was a GORGEOUS day to ride, and there was almost no traffic anywhere.

We went to Preparation Canyon and saw the great view.  We had not been there for maybe 12 years or more.  Here’s my honey peeking over a sheer drop.

We made our way down to Beebeetown and ate supper at the Twisted Tail…excellent food!  All in all a great day with great friends!

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