I’m waiting, Lord, for so many things.
I’m waiting to see the answers to some prayers.
I’m waiting to feel better.
I’m waiting for the seasons to change.


I’m waiting for a door to open.
I’m waiting for a kitchen remodel.

I’m waiting for a break in the routine.
I’m waiting for the next big event.
I’m waiting to see my grandkids again.
I’m waiting until there’s more money.


I’m waiting until I have more time. 

I’m waiting until I’m a different size.
I’m waiting for a phone call.
I’m waiting for an apology.
I’m waiting for someone to change.
I’m waiting for me to change.
I’m waiting for my gifting to become clear.
I’m waiting to feel like I am significant.
I’m waiting to be delivered.
I’m waiting until I’m stronger.
I’m waiting until I feel Your presence.
I’m waiting until the present trial ends.
I’m waiting to reach the end of the desert.
I’m waiting for the morning.
I’m waiting for the night.
All the while, days rush past……
Child of Mine, rest.  I hold all of time in My hands.  You are covered and protected as you abide under My wing.  All of these things that you wait for are completed in My sight.  The real truth is that I am the One waiting for you.  I wait for you to come to Me so I can show you My love and compassion.  I am faithful and true.  When you come to Me and ask for My help, I respond to your cries.
I am with you to teach and guide you.  As you hear and follow My voice, you will throw out all the false idols that you thought were precious.  The tyrants of men’s approval, external circumstances, time, money, appearance, rights, health, reputation, and comfort will be cast aside like garbage at the curb.
You need not wait for anything to change before you come to Me and are accepted, loved, treasured, kept, surrounded, and protected.  You never have to reach a certain point or have circumstances change before you present your heart to Me.  Do not hesitate to pour out your feelings, disappointments, and tears.  Nothing is hidden from Me, but you need to invite Me into your pain before I can begin to heal your wounds and make you whole.  Tell Me every detail.  This is not the time to be brave and strong; you must not feel guilty about feelings that may be ugly and selfish.  As I said, I already know them.  First come close and be assured that I hold you in My arms and keep each of your tears.  I protect and cover you in the midst of the circumstance that is causing you pain.  I am faithful to your heart even when you do not understand what is happening.  Draw near, pour it all out, and count on Me to hold you close when you have no strength left.  Your life depends on My faithfulness, not yours, so come and find rest for your heart.
Only in returning to Me and resting in Me will you be saved.  In quietness and confidence is your strength.  Joy will come.  It will.  With it will come compassion, mercy, and understanding for those who are being held in chains by their circumstances.  You will be able to show them that I am available to them right where they are, and your life will proclaim My faithfulness.
Isaiah 30

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