What a relief, Lord, to come to the realization that I’m already dead.
There is nothing that can hurt me,
move me,
or shake me loose from my destiny
which is eternity with You.
I’m already there…mostly.
I know…
I’m still breathing;
I’m still enjoying good health;
I could have many years left here in this life.
I’m planning on that.
But in the deepest part of my existence
there is a reality that I’m learning to depend on.
I already died.
I’m covered with Your blood, Lord,
and as I stay close to You and remain under Your covering,
nothing that the world and Satan throw at me
can penetrate or do any real harm.
I’m free!
Yes, My child, you are free!  Life holds no real threat of disaster for you, for there is nothing you will face that is greater than death.  As My child you were in Me when I was crucified and, therefore, you died with Me.  You were also in Me when I rose from the dead, and you stand now in a place of new life as a new creation.
  Your feet are still tethered here to the earth, and as your earthly body ages, you feel the weight of decline approaching.  The real you, however, the inner you, is renewed and growing lighter.  You can look forward to a life that far surpasses anything you can hope or imagine.
You are already in possession of that life and can walk in it day by day, moment by moment, as you abide in Me.  Do not look at the things which are temporary and visible only to the earthly eye.  I give you eyes of faith to see the things that are eternal and beyond the limits of human sight.  You may walk with courage and strength even as your walk slows over time, for I am preparing you to take your place in eternity with Me.  At that time, all that is weak and mortal will be put aside, and everything will be LIFE!
Walk now in freedom, standing firm, living no longer for yourself or as a captive of sin and fear.  Live joyously as you use this freedom to love and serve Me and all those around you.  Let My death do its work in your heart and depend on the accomplished work of My cross.  Then lift your eyes to My empty tomb and see your present place seated with Me in My resurrected life and filled with My Spirit.  Rejoice and live well.  I have created you for nothing less.
Galatians 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:17; 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:9; Ephesians 3:20-21;
Galatians 5:1,13; Romans 6:1-14; Romans 7:6

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