It’s Done!

Our kitchen remodel project is done!  This is our kitchen “before”.

We started tearing out the cabinets on February 4.

And a few days later it looked like this:

Next came the new ceiling.

Then things changed quickly!

New lights and face frames were installed.

Staining was done and under-cabinet lighting made the room start to feel beautiful!

We painted the walls a gray-brown color and added a lit china cupboard.

Doors and drawer fronts were next.  What a huge difference!

Countertop and then tile…we’re getting close!

Sometimes it’s the little things…something old….

Something new.

And finally the floor!

A few more after shots!

We can’t say enough good things about our contractor, Mike Martin!  He was awesome!  Thanks to Brad (again)…what would our house be like without his help??  I want to especially thank Jon for all his hard work and careful attention to make sure everything worked out the way we wanted!  Love you so much!  Of course our biggest thanks to God for His many blessings…especially the ones we can’t see…His presence, His love, His provision of Himself to meet every need and face every challenge!  To Him be all the glory!

One thought on “It’s Done!

  1. We are indeed blessed, not only in the material things God gives us, but in our family, relationships, and most importantly in the relationship He allows us to have with him!



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