Time goes by.  That prayer burden that you had for a particular person remains, but the passage of time without change has you wondering if you should let it go or keep praying.  There are many reasons why we pray for another person…maybe he or she has a health concern, a financial crisis, or […]

Need Some Relief

Tabbi, Tre, and Tru came for church this morning. When we came home she went for groceries while the boys played on the computer. Since then I haven’t accomplished much…picked up the kitchen, went to the store, and maybe some more laundry. Nothing extra happening this week…wait, Jon goes back to the dr this week. […]

Monday Night

Another fun Monday night…”Chuck” was the best yet with a preview for next week that looks like a great season finale! FINALE….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On “24” Jack is dying of chemical exposure, Tony is now showing up as the bad guy, more twists and turns than you can keep track of! Thought for the day We are working […]

Grandparents’ Day

// is a video was taken at grandparent’s day at our grandson’s school. They sang such cute songs and it was really nice. We got to go to his classroom, meet his teacher, and then take him and his brother for an outing. It was great fun. Thought for the day We never know what […]

More Moving Soon

Tonight I went to praise team practice…substituting on Sunday for one of the other people. It’s amazing how quickly your voice gets weaker when you haven’t been putting in the extra singing time. I better get things warmed up again before Sunday.In other good news, Megan can transfer to a two bedroom apartment!! We’ll probably […]


The weekend…it was great. We got to have Tabbi and the boys here for a little while on Saturday, then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for today’s dinner. We got to hear Doc preach at church on lordship and being filled with the Holy Spirit (yes, at fbc!). What a treat!!! […]

Good News

Lots of good news—I love good news. Greg was able to return to work on Friday in Charlotte. He is very thankful and relieved to get back to work. Also, Megan has an apartment picked out and will be able to move in sometime this week. This is all such good news for them…she can […]